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A local electrician in Whitesboro, Sherman & Gainesville, TX can handle your electrical work

Whether you need residential or commercial electrical services, you can count on MB Electric to take care of everything. A local electrician will come to your home or business, evaluate the situation and find a solution that works.

Interested in electrical wiring or upgrading your electrical panel? We can do that. Your electrical panel controls all the switches and wires in your household. If yours is overworked and outdated, it can't perform the way a new one can. We'll change out your old panel with a more efficient one.

Call 903-564-6376 now to speak with a local electrician in Whitesboro, Sherman & Gainesville, TX for electrical repairs, electrical panel repairs and more.

An electrical contractor can improve your electrical system

Get in touch with an electrical contractor as soon as you realize you need electrical services. We'll examine your residential or commercial electrical system and do what we can to fix it or make it more efficient. Our residential and commercial electrical services cover a wide range of projects, including:

Contact us today to hire an electrical contractor in Whitesboro, Sherman & Gainesville, TX.

What makes MB Electric the right choice for you?

When you choose MB Electric, you're making a choice for reliability and affordability. We always come through on our promises. We're also incredibly trustworthy. You won't have to worry about us trying to sell you a part or service you don't need.

We've been in business for five years, but we have nearly two decades of experience in the electrical industry. We have a master electrician and contractor's license, so you can be sure that all the work we do is top-notch. We're based in Whitesboro & Sherman, TX but serve everyone within a 50-mile radius.

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